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About us

Boothify is a new and innovative project that brings a new dimension to the event industry. It started with the 360° Booth, which went viral with more than 5 million views on Instagram and TikTok. Since then, the Catwalk Booth and VFX Booth have been added to the fleet, with many more to come.


Weddings/ Baptisms

Give your guests the most interactive experience at your wedding or baptism!

Corporate Events

From an internal corporate event to a promotion or brand activation, grab attention and create the most eye-catching content!

Birthdays/ Private Parties

Create the most memorable party and give your guests the most fun experience!

Any type of event

Find the booth that best suits your needs and take your event to the next level!




How many people can use the 360 Booth?
Up to 4 or 5 people can use the 360 Booth at the same time.
How do guests get the 360 videos?
As soon as guests leave the 360 Booth, they go to the Sharing Station. From there we send the 360 videos to their mobile phones via airdrop, QR code, email or SMS.
Can I choose the hours I want to use the 360 Booth?
Of course, the 360 Booth will only be used at the times you choose.
Is there a screen where we can watch the 360° videos
Yes, next to the 360 Booth there is a 50" screen where the video is shown after each spin. Also, all 360 videos will be shown in a slideshow during the event.
Is there a limit to the number of 360 videos?
No, the 360 videos are unlimited for the hours for which the 360 Booth has been contracted.
Will I get all the 360 videos after my event?
Of course, after your event we will send you a link to an online gallery. There you can view and download all 360 videos.
Is there someone in charge during the event?
Yes, there will be two dedicated operators during your event (one for the 360 Booth and one for the Sharing Station).