360° Booth


✓ Achieved top video quality

✓ Capture-to-share time under 1 minute

✓ More than 5.000.000 views on Social Media @boothify.360

The procedure
Guests go up to the 360° Booth and the operator gives them the necessary instructions to start recording the video. At the end of every spin, guests come down from the 360 Booth, watch their video on a 50" screen and via the Sharing Station we instantly send it to their mobile phone via Air Drop, QR code, SMS or email.


  • 360° Booth 100cm for up to 4–5 people
  • 50" monitor for direct viewing of 360° videos
  • Sharing station (Airdrop, QR code, Email, Sms)
  • Unlimited 360° videos
  • Videos overlay creation with logo 
  • Background music selection
  • Online gallery for downloading all videos after the event

  • 2 operators (one for the 360° Booth and one for the Sharing Station)
  • 4 RGB lighting columns
  • 6 VIP stanchions (silver with red rope or black with black belt)
  • Wide variety of props