The Catwalk Booth is a new innovative booth, presented for the first time in Greece. The background will be selected according to your needs or created from scratch and adapted to the theme of your event.

The procedure
Guests walk up to the Boothify's Catwalk Booth and are given the necessary instructions to start recording the video. At the end of the session, guests come down from the Catwalk Booth, watch their video on a 50" screen and through the Sharing Station, we instantly send it to their mobile phone via Airdrop, QR code, SMS or email.


  • Catwalk Booth
  • Green Screen Box
  • 50" screen for direct viewing of Catwalk videos
  • Sharing Station - to send each video separately (Airdrop, QR Code, Email, SMS)
  • Unlimited catwalk videos
  • Background music selection
  • Online link to view and download all catwalk videos after the event
  • 2 dedicated operators throughout the event